Apartment for sale Campo Mijas

Apartment for sale Campo Mijas | New Exclusive listing

In the private urbanisation in the upper part of Campo Mijas, you will find this beautifully maintained apartment. It is built in 2003 with modern comfort, view to nature and mountain and from the terrace you can look to the sea.

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Apartment for sale Campo Mijas.

In this elegant three-bedroom, two-bathroom with open layout you have a great overall spacious feel. There is a modern open kitchen with plenty of storage. Outside you will find a terrace of 37 sqm, where you have space enough for sun beds and dinner table.

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apartment for sale in mijas

Nature Views

In the edge of the urbanisation, this property offers great views. From your kitchen you can see the rural area around Mijas and sometimes  local goats stops by. This is part of the area's charming character, because you can take a nice walk on the walk path  in the rural area just behind your apartment.
Outside you will find a terrace of 37 sqm, where you have space enough for sun beds and dinner table and also great views over the area and to the sea.


The apartment is located in the peaceful and private upper Campo Mijas, a location known for its quiet charm and closeness to nature. As the last apartment complex in the area, you enjoy privacy and nature close to you.

Here you can have peaceful living while still enjoying the convenience of easy access to local amenities. Enjoy privacy without isolation, as this location is only a short drive from all the conveniences and attractions the broader area has to offer.

Apartment for sale Campo MijasExperiencing the Charms of Mijas: Your Dream Home in Costa del Sol Awaits

There is one destination that deserves your undivided attention: Mijas Pueblo, located in the heart of Costa del Sol. This charming hillside village with the unique Andalusian culture, Mediterranean lifestyle, and scenic beauty. With its cobblestone streets, white-washed buildings, azure sea vistas, and the unique community with plenty of activities all year around, you will fall in love in this area.

A Paradise Between the Mountains and the Sea

From your new home in Mijas, you'll be in the unique position to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Spend your mornings strolling through narrow winding streets lined with geraniums, or take a leisurely hike through the surrounding pine forests. The afternoons can be spent at the nearby beaches of Fuengirola or La Cala de Mijas, both a 15-minute drive away. In the Mijas area, you can be at the beach and going on a hike to the mountains in the same day.

The Andalusian Lifestyle

The lifestyle in Mijas is a harmonious blend of slow-paced living and vibrant social activity. In Mijas Pueblo The Paseo de la Muralla offers panoramic views of the coast and is a perfect spot for evening walks.

You can find unique restaurants with traditional Spanish fare alongside international cuisine. Wine enthusiast will be spoilt for choice with the selection of local Andalusian wines. And if you're a golf enthusiast, be prepared to play a lot. Costa del Sol could also have been called 'Costa del Golf,' and Mijas is home to some of the finest courses, including Mijas Golf, La Cala Resort, and Santana Golf.

Rich Cultural Tapestry

While Mijas is undoubtedly modern and cosmopolitan, it firmly roots itself in its rich cultural heritage. One of the most charming aspects of life in Mijas is the local festivals. Whether it's the annual Feria de Agosto or the vibrant Semana Santa, these colorful events are a treat for both residents and visitors.

Mijas is also an art lover's paradise. The village hosts various artisan shops and studios where you can explore local arts and crafts. Don't miss the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo, home to an impressive collection of modern and contemporary art.

The Dream Property You’ve Been Searching For

Whether you're looking for a sun-soaked retirement spot, a lucrative investment opportunity, or a beautiful holiday home, Mijas has all the offerings to match your vision. The properties in Mijas are just as diverse as the village itself, ranging from traditional townhouses to luxurious villas.

Our featured apartment for sale is a home with comfortable living space with all modern amenities. Its location gives easy access to both mountain trails and sandy beaches.

Is it time you make Mijas your new home?

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