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El Higuerón area: Your ultimate guide [2023]

Experience the Formula of El Higuerón and watch the ultimate video guide

Introduction: El Higuerón area on Costa del Sol

Welcome to El Higuerón - one of the most popular areas on the Costa del Sol. In our video, we provide you with a guide to this location and what it is and what it consists of. El Higuerón is a residential enclave nestled between the seaside resorts of Benalmádena and Fuengirola on the Costa del.

From vacations to property ownership, from talking to the local experts to exploring real estate options, we cover it all. With over 50 hectares to explore, we take you on a unique journey through El Higuerón. So let's get started!

Location and Accessibility: Stay Connected - Málaga, Benalmádena, Fuengirola and Marbella

el higuerón area guide 2023El Higuerón’s strategic location offers accessibility to everything. Just 15 minutes away from Malaga airport and city, you can easily reach it by car. But that's not all - at the foothill of Higuerón there is a train stop for those who prefer public transport. It is 8 minutes from Fuengirola and 20 mintutes to Marbella.
In case you want to enjoy the area without the hassle of driving, there is a free shuttle bus service covering the entire area. Whether it's the beach, city, grocery stores, or cafes and restaurants - explore El Higuerón as much as you want.

Amenities and Lifestyle: Live the High Life in El Higuerón

One of the key highlights of El Higuerón is all its amenities. Such as tennis, paddle, basketball courts, or a state-of-the-art gym - it caters to the sports enthusiasts amongst you. The Higuerón Resort, a stunning five-star hotel, has a spa, wellness center, bars, and 4 very good restaurants at the resort and 2 more restaurants at the beach. For outdoor lovers, there's a lot to explore close by - like hiking, cycling, golfing, or a leisurely stroll along the long beach promenade lined with chiringuitos and restaurants. In essence, El Higuerón presents the perfect blend of relaxation and activity, making it an ideal location for families, friends, or even a romantic getaway.

The Real Estate Market: What is the Potential with Property Ownership

el higuerón area guide

As El Higuerón grows and develops, there are several opportunities in the real estate market. From modern apartments to stunning villas with private pools and sea views, the range is extensive and attractive. We take you through a discussion with Alejandro and Susana, some of the active developers in the area, who share exciting insights about their projects, the importance of green areas, and the future vision for the area and why this area is worth investing in.

We also talked with the owner of Rincon Rent, Michael, about the rental market in El Higuerón. There are families who want to use their property as their second home and also want a return on investment and rent their property out and then there is Investors and they only rent out and do not use the property themselves.

Michael tells “That many of the guests who rent in El Higuerón are digital nomads, business owners, people having leading positions and they rent for probably a month and they might need some workspace and creative environment. And they can get that here at El Higuerón”.

Tour of Properties: Get a Sneak Peek into Your Future Home

Join Jonas and Elizabeth as they guide you through three different property types available in El Higuerón. Whether you're an investor or a family looking for a second home, they will show you a sneak peak of 3 properties:

  • A 2-bedroom apartment
  • A 3-bedroom sea-facing property
  • And a unique villa - each showcasing the diversity of options available to suit your needs.

Final Thoughts: Wrapping up the El Higuerón Experience

carvajal beach costa del sol

To conclude our tour in El Higuerón, we take you down to Carvajal beach next to the Beach Club. Feel the taste of the sea at some of the best local restaurants such as Kalifato, La Cabana and the Beach Club Higuerón restaurants and Los Marinos José or enjoy a drink at the cozy Gecko bar. As we wrap up our day at the beach, we are confident that the Higuerón area offers an unmatched lifestyle with a wide range of amenities and activities to enjoy.

We have given our knowledge about El Higuerón here and in the video. Whether you're seeking an ideal vacation spot or a luxury property, this beautiful area promises an experience like no other.

Feel free to reach out to us for any further questions about the area or properties. We are updated about the area and what properties are available to buy and new developments available.

We can help you whether you are interested in renting, buying or selling in El Higuerón.

Contact us here below or give us a call.

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